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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why Do People Tell Lies?

Why Do People Tell Lies?..

Affecting the World

It's a question a lot of people are asking right now. With the economy in the doldrums and many countries struggling to stay afloat, including the USA, the role of liars in world affairs is more important than ever. But wars, pollution, corruption, drugs, overpopulation and just about anything else affecting our survival can virtually be put down to a lie as a provocation.

Blatant Liars

Most folk believe what they are told, especially in a face to face situation. Blatant lies are worked on and refined until they sound feasible, even credible. Politicians are particularly adept at this kind of tactic to win voters and gain office. Reporters have also been known to work on a lie to make it sound truthful.

Scandals Sell

The hint of a scandal about someone in the limelight sells and there is big money to be made. Chasing celebrities for a shot that might go with such an exaggeration is what sends the paparazzi after them. Few people have regard for the effect on the individuals in question. Some pursuits can even lead to death when there is a hint of a good story.

Done for Reward

These cases make it seem like money and reward is at the center of the lie, and it is. People lie because they expect it will profit them in some way. Even children who are lied to about Christmas and the Easter Bunny are giving their parents satisfaction because they show their pleasure at the magic of having something suddenly turn up. So lies are also a part of the magician's toolbox.

Forgiveness by Religious Hierarchy

Some religious organizations forgive people their lies without penalty. They even go along with some of them, such as Christmas and Easter, and have their own tales of the divine to cover over.