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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Could Terrorists Hide Among The Homeless?

Could Terrorists Hide Among The Homeless?..

The defense of this country is only as strong as its weakest link. In most large cities there are many homeless people. How easy could that situation be exploited by terrorists? Homelessness, in most of the larger cities like in New York and Los Angeles, has become a way of life. No one seems to even notice the man sleeping under the bridge or in the cardboard box. No One Notices the person pushing the old battered shopping cart down the street.

If the Republicans get their way with the economics of the United States, it will in all likely hood create more homelessness. Cutting the safety net of the poor will only give terrorists easier access to the larger cities in this country. By having this third world like population of people in our country, we are creating a large security hazard in the largest population areas in our country. If terrorists ever decide to they can be in every city in this country, that does not do anything about homelessness. If I can think of this possibility, I'm sure so can others. It's just a matter of time before terrorists will do what I fear they will.

In New York the terrorist could be right now hiding in the subway or tunnels under the city planning their next attack. A man, who looks to be sleeping on a bench or in a cardboard box, could be getting information so that they can plan their next attack. That person, pushing that shopping cart, could be moving a bomb into place to later set off. To hide, among the invisible people, would be something that is easy to do. It has been done before, people who don't want to be noticed have done it. People who the police were looking for hiding in plain sight and it was never noticed.

What can you do about this possibility?

Make it so there are no homeless in the city where you live. You can do that by making sure the city where you live has programs that give shelter to the homeless and a place for them to live. Many of the homeless are without a home, because they suffer from mental illness. So good mental health care services are important to reducing homelessness. Drug use is another factor leading to homelessness, programs to reduce drug use will lower the rate of people without a home. The lower amount of homeless, the harder it would be for terrorists to hide by acting homeless.

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