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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reincarnation Is Not for Everyone

Reincarnation Is Not for Everyone..

A Reincarnation Experience

Hovering over my last body, that of a man of around 45 years of age, the one thing on my mind was a job that had still to be done. Then in the spirit and with the Great Spirit of the Universe my next life was shown as a line stretched out ahead of me. It had ups and downs throughout the length of it and the age of 45 as a special time was marked out.

New Life Given

Standing then above my parents one month before my birth was impressed hard into my mind. The memory brought with me of these experiences has helped in the job that is now drawing to a close. It entailed understanding how the spiritual links work to protect the Children of the Spirit from harm and how it has brought them to the end times through unbelievable trauma, death on many occasions, and horrors.

The Day of the Lord

As matter can neither be created nor destroyed so the spiritual survive to go into different bodies and be reborn throughout what is described as the Day of the Lord. They have made enemies of religious dogma throughout this time and have many times been killed under horrible circumstances. Some burned alive, some tortured to death, and some taken by natural events along with the loss of children have all been part of their burden to bring them through to the end.

The Plan of God

These things have been laid out in prophecies that religious organizations have dismissed. Yet they spell out the plan of God. The blueprint for that is to make the Children of the Spirit worthy of their continuing existence and to make them better servants of the power they have within. So they, and they alone, reincarnate and continue on. The others who are not of God will all fade away.

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