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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Democrats Have Been Involved In Academia At All Levels for Far Too Long

The Democrats Have Been Involved In Academia At All Levels for Far Too Long..

Interestingly enough, I would say most of the people in academia are Democrats. If you look at the teachers unions, they are mostly filled with Democrats, and most of the teachers vote a Democrat ticket. Most of the college professors are downright socialists at least in their philosophical views, and I'm sure you've heard stories where a conservative student who didn't keep their mouths shut was sure to get poor grades. That's the rule, not the exception from what I understand, and from all the people I've talked to. Okay so let's talk about this more than shall we?

Right now we have a Democrat administration, and the former Czar of Education in the Obama Administration came from Chicago, and that shouldn't surprise anyone. When presidents come into power they generally have some legislative and government bureaucratic experience, and they hire people they know and bring them on board because they feel they can trust them. Unfortunately, the Chicago schools haven't exactly batted a 1000, they've had all sorts of problems over the years. Chicago was one of the cities that had terrible test scores for reading, writing, and arithmetic. For years they graduated high school students that couldn't read or write.

After all of the talk and work on education, after all the Teleprompter speeches we listened to, and all the promises we were told, I ask; how are our schools doing? The reality is that more teachers have been laid off during the Obama Administration than during all the years of GW Bush. There was a rather telling piece in the Wall Street Journal on March 22, 2013 titled; "Chicago Moves to Close 11% of Elementary Schools in Fall," by Stephanie Banchero and Caroline Porter. The total number of schools to close is 53 elementary schools.

In other words, nothing is changing Chicago it's only gotten worse. You remember the teacher strike? Apparently not only did the Obama Administration and his former Chief of Staff not keep their word on education to all of us, they didn't even keep their word to their own teacher's union voters in the Chicagoland schools. Suffice it to say, it looks as if the Democrats who have been involved in running academia at all levels for far too long have run it into the ground. Today, we have students graduating from the universities with degrees in hand, and they can't find a job.

The fallout rate currently on student loans, those loans that are past 90 days do is now 35%. That's a scary thought considering there are now $1 trillion worth of outstanding student loans. The problem has gotten so far out of hand, but instead our Teleprompter in Chief is running around the country speaking from a podium trying to take away America's guns. Of course, one might reason that if none of these kids are going to graduate high school and thus be unable to read or write in Chicago, then we certainly don't want them on the street with guns do we, one might say?

Might I suggest the problem we have in the country is with socialism, and how dare the people of academia try to tell us how to run this country when they can't even run the educational system without bankrupting their states, the teacher's pension funds, the school systems, our universities, the student loan program, and our country. Remember President Obama hired many Czars from academia to help him run our country. A fine job they've done indeed. Yes, I'm hard on the Democrats, but they've done it to themselves, now it's time they admit their failures, and it's time to let the Republicans run things. Please consider all this and think on it.

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